Melbourne Korean BBQ – Old Crystal Jade

Fancy place in an ally off China Town main street.

Reservations needed

Old Crystal Jade
12 Waratah Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9662 1949


A day trip to Phillip Island 

Phillip Island 

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Penny’s Chocolate Factory a great place to stop for kids. Interactive museum that tells the story of making chocolate. Lots of tasting, games and fun

Watch the Penguin Parade at Sunset 

Watch as hundreds of penguins get out of the ocean and rush to their nesting ground. Make sure to be there ahead of time and to dress warm. 

Best Pies at Tooradin Bakery 

If you pass through Tooradin make sure to stop at the all famous Tooradin Bakery and grab one of their super tasty fresh pies